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The new shopping mall makes a new architectural statement in an urban

The contrasts between materials like glass and sandstone, along with horizontal metal elements in concertina-like folds and cantilevered flat roofs are the essence of a timeless, purist architectural language.

Expansive areas of glass make the interior visible from the outside. Cubic elements and a seemingly floating facade together form a harmonious composition. A new venue offering the ultimate shopping experience is being created in the district which will contribute to shaping the surroundings with its sensibility for high-quality materials.

Elegant architecture

Designed in the form of an A for Adigeo, the layout of the shopping center provides the perfect setting to present the latest collections and brands. On the upper floor, the two arms of the mall converge in a generously glazed restaurant area, which forms the heart and main gathering place of the complex. A side variety of seating areas, high-quality materials, and a warm color scheme create a culinary paradise for the whole family.

The interior of the shopping gallery itself also adheres to the clean lines of an elegant architectural language, with colors and materials inspired by modern Italian design. Especially the two-level design of the shop fronts framed in gold-bronze colored anodized aluminum and the bridges in the same shade combine with the beige natural stone flooring to engender a unique and exclusive ambience.

Lounge areas with elegant sofas and club chairs encourage visitors to linger and enjoy the surroundings. With its particular blend of materials in beige, gold-bronze and shades of brown, the modern, spacious design also emphasizes the urban style of the interior design.